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As a garment brand, the majority of our carbon emissions come from our supply chain. From the crops grown to make our yarn, to shipping finished products to our customers' doorsteps. To reduce Peachi Baby's impact on people and the planet, we're working towards becoming carbon neutral across our business, and we're pleased to be taking actions now:

On 17th December 2020, we started paying the cost of offsetting emissions on every Peachi Baby order that we ship. We're using software that combines data from our online shop, with industry data and peer-reviewed models to determine how much CO2 our shipments release into the environment. The models and estimates are not exact, but to make sure that all of our CO2 shipping emissions are offset entirely, the values used in the data models are all rounded up.

Most of our orders are now offset to fund the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project with Pachama. Our contributions go towards protecting the existing forest, improving the biomass through better forest management practices, and verifying the progress of the project.

If you place your order via ShopPay, your delivery will instead be offset to fund the Brazil Nut Concession Forest Conservation Project, which protects more than 291,566 hectares of tropical forest in Peru and will prevent 14.5 million tons of CO2 emissions. This project is made up of 143 parcels of land operated by 377 Brazil nut farmers.

Both of the Pachama projects are Verified Carbon Standard certified projects that will be monitored using their machine learning, satellite imaging. You can learn more about their other projects at

Orders sent via DHL Express are additionally offset through DHL's GOGREEN Carbon Neutral scheme

Carbon offsets are certainly not a replacement for taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint—they're a last resort to make up for emissions we can’t currently avoid.

For more information on the environmental benefits on cloth nappies and how we're making greener choices at Peachi Baby HQ, click here.

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