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Artist Florence Pickard-Price collaborated with Peachi Baby's Founder, Rosie, to create Ice Cream - a delightfully sweet print hand-painted in watercolours exclusively for Peachi Baby.

The 'Ice Cream' print is inspired by the excitement we felt as children hearing the distant tune of an ice cream van, slowly getting louder. The sweet taste of a 99 Flake is the perfect treat after a long day of playing in the sun. This joyful print is backed on a soft lilac which sparkles silvery in the sunlight.

For the SS22 Collection, we celebrate the nostalgia of bank holidays in Britain as a child. The Collection narrates stories of elements and colour that reflect Peachi Baby's joyful spirit, crisscrossing in harmony with three distinctive watercolour prints. Our Founder drew inspiration from the memories of childhood holidays with the artist, Florence (a long-time family friend). Their vision comes to life through painted characters and elements that wouldn't look a miss in a vintage storybook and appear juxtaposed against trending colours from the palettes we've seen from top childrenswear designers in 2022.