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peachi baby wet bag hanging off a changing table with a baby on it


Our wet bags are the best way to store all your reusable nappies and dirty baby clothes on-the-go or at home. These medium-sized nappy wet bags are designed to hold 6-8 nappies and feature cute designer prints by Peachi Baby's team of female artists

baby blue seashells print wetbag by peachi baby

Seashells Wet Bag

ducklings print wetbag for carrying cloth nappies

Ducklings Wet Bag

a wetbag for baby and toddler clothing in a lilac Ice Cream print

Ice Cream Wet Bag

Space Print Wet Bag

Space Wet Bag

wetbag in a ditsy floral print by peachi baby

Elsie Ditsy Yellow Wet Bag


Pear Wet Bag

6% Off
yellow raincoat print wetbag for baby's dirty items

Raincoat Wet Bag

sausage dogs print wet bag for dirty clothes by peachi baby

Sausage Dogs Wet Bag

penguin print wetbag for baby's dirty clothes or swimming things

Penguins Wet Bag

yellow seahorses print wetbag - perfect for swimming things

Seahorses Wet Bag

lilac coloured lambs wetbag with two compartments

Lambs Wet Bag

blue whales print wet bag for baby's swimming things

Whales Wet Bag

peach coloured hares print nappy wetbag by peachi baby

Hares Wet Bag

wetbag for baby's dirty items in a red dogs print

Dogs Wet Bag


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