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Why you should get started with reusable nappies

why you should get started with reusable nappies

When I had my first baby, I was keen to use cloth nappies. There was a lot of information available – but much of it was confusing and gave me the wrong impression. For example, one website said: "If you're thinking of using reusable nappies, don't!" Another said it would take me two and a half hours per day to clean them. Others made me think that cloth nappies would be more expensive than disposables. In fact, I found them really easy to use and they saved us money too. Here's some advice for anyone thinking of using cloth nappies for their own baby or toddler.


Cloth nappies are easy to use.

Cloth nappies are easy to use. Just put the nappies on your baby, then into the washing machine. After an initial pre-wash, you can put them in the washing machine with any other laundry items you might have. When they come out of the wash, hang them on an airer or line to dry (or tumble dry if you're in a rush). Once they're dry, put them back on your little one! Full washing instructions for Peachi Baby cloth nappies can be found here.


Cloth nappies can save you money.

Cloth nappies are a great way to save money even despite the initial outlay.

  • You will spend less on nappies over time if you use cloth ones because you reuse them instead of throwing them in the bin.
  • Peachi Baby nappies are resizable and fit most little ones from birth to potty-training age, so you won't need to buy specific 'newborn' or 'toddler' nappies.
  • Peachi Baby nappies are good quality, so they won't need to be replaced often (unlike some cloth nappies). If, in the unlikely event that you have a product issue, Peachi Baby has a warranty in place and their friendly UK team can help you out.
  • You also won't have to buy 'special' washing powder for the machine. The detergent you already have at home is probably fine to use. Check out this video guide on detergents.
  • You can hang them outside in your garden or washing rack until they are dry, saving electricity from tumble-drying.
  • Many parents find they begin to save money (and stress!) by not needing creams or prescriptions for nappy rash or allergies. Sometimes these symptoms can be triggered by chemicals and fragrances found in disposable nappy products, irritating little ones' sensitive skin. With correct use, i.e. changing the nappy often enough, nappy rash is generally less common with cloth nappies.
  • If you're shopping with Peachi Baby you can purchase a bundle deal, spread the cost of the initial outlay with Klarna Pay in 30 or Pay in 3 AND earn points on your purchases to spend at a later date. You can even earn £10 worth of points when you refer a friend.


Cloth nappies are kinder to the environment than disposable ones.

You may have heard that cloth nappies are kinder to the environment than disposable ones. This is true—and for many reasons! Disposable nappies are made of plastic and can't be recycled most of the time. Your local council will usually incinerate household waste (putting toxic chemicals and gases into the earth's atmosphere) or put it straight into a landfill site. Disposable nappies are expected to take around 500 years to degrade, and some 'eco nappy' options can take 50+ years to break down under 'compost' conditions. They may take even longer to decompose in landfill versus 'compost' as there's less oxygen and other factors. Also, poo isn't supposed to go into landfill - it's supposed to go in the loo!


You can get free advice when you're getting started with reusable nappies.

You can get free advice when you're getting started with reusable nappies. There are lots of ways to get help and support:

  • Other parents who use/have used cloth nappies
  • Online blogs like The Babble
  • Online community groups and forums
  • Social media influencers
  • Your health visitor, nursery nurse, midwife or GP may be able to give you some advice and support.
  • Peachi Baby's UK Customer Service - email them at :) 


There are many benefits to using reusable nappies, and help is available if you need it.

There are lots of benefits to reusable nappies. They're better for the environment, they can save you money, and they don't have to be used exclusively – you can use them in combination with disposable nappies - Every nappy saved from landfill or incineration is a win.

If you need any help getting started, there's help available. Once you've decided that reusable nappies are suitable for your family, it's time to put them into action!



There are many reasons for choosing to use reusable nappies over disposable ones, from saving money to being kinder to the environment. But one of the main benefits is how easy they are to use. With a bit of practice, they're just as simple and convenient as disposables. If you'd like more information or have any questions about getting started with reusable nappies, contact the team at Peachi Baby!


Written by Claire T.

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