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What do you do with the poo?

what do you do with the poo reusable nappies

Reusable nappies: What do you do with the poo?


We answer reusable nappy queries daily and by far, our most frequently asked questions are about poo! It seems there's a lot of mystery and confusion around how you remove it and what you do with it. So, we're here to clear that up for you.

Your Peachi Baby nappies have been designed to withstand all types of poo. Our customers tell us over and over again that our nappies contain poos far better than disposable nappies - even explosive poonami types!

What your baby consumes affects the type of poo you're going to find in your baby's nappies. Indeed, breastmilk poo is very different to weaned baby poo. Here's a handy guide on the best method of poo-removal for your baby, depending on what stage they're at:



Exclusively breast fed (EBF) babies
Breastmilk poo tends not to smell very much (unless the mother has a diet of rich and spicy foods). The poo will be runny, and if you're using a disposable liner, you're likely to find that it won't contain it all. We recommend the Sink Method (as below).

Formula-fed (FF) babies:
Formula poo tends to be thicker and smellier than breastmilk poo. We recommend the Toilet Flush Method or Shower Head Method (as below).

Weaned babies:
Weaned babies will have thick poo most of the time. We recommend the Toilet Flush Method, Poo Knife Method or Showerhead Method (all explained below).

If you're using a disposable liner, this should catch most of the poo. Simply lift the liner and flick the poo into the toilet. Put the liner in the bin - don't flush it in the toilet. If there's any poo left on the edges of the nappy, you can use the Sink Method or Toilet Flush Method to rinse it off.




Sink Method
Give the nappy a quick rinse under the tap before putting it into the dry pail. Don't forget to clean your sink afterwards.

Toilet Flush Method
Grab onto a clean corner of the nappy and hold it under the toilet flush. It's clean water, so don't worry if it goes over your hand. Doing this will wash off most of the poo. Just remember to hold on tight because the flush might be stronger than you expect! Then store the nappy in your dry pail for up to 2-3 days before washing.

Poo-Knife Method
A poo-knife is a popular tool for poo-removal in the cloth nappy community. This is a dedicated knife or spatula stored in the bathroom and used exclusively for scraping poo off the nappy and into the toilet. Just be sure not to mix it up with your kitchen cutlery!

Shower Head Method
Using a shower head with strong water pressure or bidet attachment to wash your cloth nappies down can be an excellent method of poo removal. If the hose is long enough, you can spray it into the toilet. If it doesn't reach, you can use a bucket in the shower and then tip the contents into the toilet bowl afterwards.


Once you've removed the poo you will need to put the nappy in a dry pail until you're ready to wash them

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