Using Peachi Baby nappies from birth

using cloth nappies from birth with a newborn

By Nicola Hare @adventures_ofwillowandhazel


The idea of using cloth nappies on a newborn can be daunting, especially for a first time mum. For my firstborn, I used ‘eco-disposables’ up until five months old because I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and jargon around cloth nappies. However, the amount of waste we produced in those five months was enough to give me the push I needed to get into cloth for my second child, and I’m so glad I did. 


Because of a tricky emergency caesarean with my first born I was booked in for a planned caesarean for my second. Knowing that I would be in a lot of pain after the operation and with a newborn to look after, I was nervous about giving myself more work. Nonetheless I decided I was going to give it a go and not put any pressure on myself.


One of the first nappies I put on my little one was a Peachi Baby nappy which fit perfectly. They really are one of the only nappies I know that are truly birth to potty. Importantly, they contained those very first meconium poos with no leaks or issues.


For the first couple of weeks I only needed to use the small insert. Now I use the small insert poppered in the nappy and the anchor insert in the pocket for extra absorbency. Peachi Baby nappies have stretchy popper tabs which are great for getting a tighter fit around her little legs. There are also cross over snaps if you needed to use them on a smaller baby, and you can wrap them up if they are dirty when you are out and about.


I recommend Peachis to people who ask me about using cloth from birth. They fit well on a newborn and are one of the only nappies that I have come across that I can use on my newborn and my 18 month old toddler. This makes them more affordable to some people if they don’t want to purchase separate newborn and ‘birth-to-potty nappies’.

If you are thinking about using cloth from birth, believe me that it was so much easier than I expected. I brought ten cloth nappies with me to hospital and I found this was a good number for us. In fact, my experience was definitely no harder than when I used disposables on my first baby.


For more cloth nappy content go check out Nicola’s Instagram at @adventures_ofwillowandhazel on Instagram. She says you’re welcome to pop her a message if you would like any cloth nappy help!


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