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Questions from men to a cloth nappy dad

questions from men to a cloth nappy dad

We asked men for their cloth nappy questions.

Then we asked Harry, our real cloth nappy dad to answer them:


What are the main benefits of reusable nappies?

They're amazingly soft, with great designs and are better for the environment. What's not to like?

Are reusable nappies cheaper than disposable ones?

Without a doubt - disposables are expensive and you go can go through a whole bag in a few days. Reusable nappies pay for themselves really quickly.

How are they reusable?

Each nappy can be washed and used again and again, rather than being binned and taken to landfill.

How do I clean reusable nappies?

When they're wet or dirty you can stick them in the washing machine and they come out good as new.

What do you do with the poo?

We put a biodegradable bamboo liner in the nappy so any solid poo can be put straight in the bin or toilet. Just as simple as disposing of a disposable (though I'd probably avoid putting those down the toilet...)

Would you put them in with clothes?

We have many times - they're just a part of our never-ending washing cycle with the (many) other clothes she gets through each day.

How easy is it?

So easy. We have a stack of reusable nappies good-to-go by her changing mat so it's just a case of grab, pop on and done. Then on wash day it takes 1 minute to put the all the clean ones back together and they're ready to go again.

Do they smell after washing?

Only clean!

Are reusable nappies hygienic?

Absolutely - they're washed a lot more than my jeans...

There's more info on hygiene here


How many times can they be reused?

You'll have to ask me in a few years! But they're good as new after each wash so far.

How many reusable nappies will we need?

I'd recommend 6-10, especially in the early days when the pooing is a regular occurrence and you don't want to be racing the washing machine for clean ones.

How do I put reusable nappies on?

Just like a normal nappy, but with poppers instead. You can also make them bigger as your baby grows by using different matching poppers.

Is it messier than a normal nappy?

This is a trick question! I've already learnt there's no such thing as a normal nappy - every check is a potential horror show. But there's no difference in mess between these and disposables.

Do you get more leakage?

Not that we've noticed.

What were your main concerns before starting out with reusable nappies?

I was actually quite reluctant about using them before our baby was born, as I thought they'd be a faff at a time when you want the simplest option. I'd assumed they'd not clean properly, and that there'd be a smelly pile of dirty cloths in the house at all times.

What do you like about reusable nappies now?

I think I'm an even bigger convert than my wife! They're genuinely no different than a disposable in terms of picking one up and putting it on. We wash so many baby clothes that they fit naturally into the washing cycle, and using the dryer means they can be back in circulation in hours. They look great and are so soft - you feel like you're giving your baby the best.

Would you ever switch to disposables full time now?

When reusables are this easy, why would you? 


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