Jargon busting: What do these common reusable nappy terms actually mean?

cloth nappy jargon busting

About to kick off your reusable nappy journey and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the confusing amount of reusable nappy jargon? We hear you. We’ve created this mini jargon-busting guide to decipher and explain some of the most common reusable nappy terms out there. So you can focus on getting on with looking after your little one.

MCN = Modern Cloth Nappy

OSFM = One-Size-Fits-Most

AIO = All in One. A type of nappy that is self-contained.

AI2 = All in Two. A type of nappy that has 2 parts, usually a shell and insert(s). (Peachi Baby nappies are AI2).

PUL = Polyurethane Laminate. The waterproof layer on the shell of nappies.

WAHM = Work at Home Mum.

WAHMs = Nappies made by hand at home by WAHMs!

RAOK = Random Act Of Kindness (usually a giveaway).

EBF = Exclusively Breastfed. Often people will use this term when describing poo as breastmilk poo is different to normal poo!

FF = Formula fed.

SS / S&S = Strip and Sanitise. With a good wash routine you won’t need to do this. See our laundry advice here.

OTB = On The Bum.

Delamination = When PUL is old or not cared for properly e.g. washed on a high temperature it can lift off the fabric, inhibiting its waterproof capabilities.

Dry Pail = A way of storing nappies without soaking. Usually it’s a bucket with lots of holes in to help airflow & limit ammonia smells / build up.


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