How to do a nappy strip wash

how to do a nappy strip wash

If you have a good wash routine it's very unlikely you'll ever need to do a strip wash.

But, if you haven't been washing your nappies well for a while, you have detergent build-up, or if they are second-hand and haven’t been cared-for correctly, you may need to do something called a strip wash.


Here’s how you do a strip wash on your reusable nappies:

  1. Run a 40°C short wash with no detergent.
  2. Put your machine on its longest cycle (~3-4 hours long) at either 40°C (or 60°C if you're washing inserts-only), with a full dose of detergent.
  3. Repeat the long cycle again but without detergent.
  4. Run a rinse cycle or short wash with no detergent and check that there are no soapy bubbles in the machine. If there are, run another rinse cycle. Repeat until you don't see any soap bubbles.

Do not bleach. Do not soak.

To get back to a good wash routine, just follow the laundry guide which can be found here.

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