How to clean your washing machine


Whether you are using cloth nappies or not, you should be doing a maintenance wash on your washing machine every month. With cloth nappies it is especially important. Here's our quick and easy guide on how to clean your washing machine and keep your laundry smelling fresh as daisies!




Take the powder tray out of the machine and wash it in hot soapy water. Wait until it is dry to put it back in.


Run the empty machine on a long (2.5-3.5 hour) hot wash. Option to add a cup or two of distilled white vinegar but check with your manufacturer's manual first.


Check the filter and rubber seals and wipe them down with warm soapy water.


 Repeat every month.


Prevent mildew and mould by leaving the washing machine door open or ajar when not in use.


*Check your manufacturers manual first and always follow their advice on how to care for your machine.


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Beth Sanderson October 2 2020

This is so helpful, thank you! I hadn’t even thought of doing a maintenance wash on my washing machine (how bad!!). I will set an alarm on the 1st of every month now.

By the way we absolutely love Peachi reusable nappies!

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