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How often to change reusable nappies

how often to change reusable nappies

Reusable nappies have become a lifestyle choice for many families due to their planet-friendly and money-saving benefits. If you are thinking about joining the cloth nappy movement, then you may have some questions about how often you should change them. Let's take a closer look at how many changes your baby will need to stay comfortable and hygienic.

The difference between disposables and reusables

There should be no difference between the frequency of changing between a disposable and a cloth nappy.

It can be tempting to leave disposables on for longer because they contain chemicals which allow the nappies to hold urine for longer. But this just allows for bacteria build-up and therefore should be avoided to reduce the risk of nappy rash.

Lower-quality disposable or reusable nappies that aren't very absorbent will need changing more often.

It's important to prewash Peachi Baby cloth nappies at least once before using them. This is because our thirsty bamboo cotton inserts become more absorbent the more you wash them.

Nappy change frequency depends on your baby's age

Newborn babies wet their nappies many times a day because they have very little control over bladder and bowel movements.

Another reason why younger babies need changing more often is that they are on a liquid diet, therefore more liquid comes out (!)

Additionally, urine causes a natural chemical reaction (ammonia) on the skin and younger babies are more sensitive to this. This is because their skin is less developed and more permeable.

As your baby grows, you'll find that their bowel control improves and their skin barrier develops, making for fewer nappy changes each day.

How often to change your baby's nappy

Change your baby's nappy as soon as possible after a poo, regardless of his or her age.

Newborns under one month - change every 2 hours during the day and before or after every night feed (whichever suits you best)

Babies under six months - change every 2.5 hours during the day, and before or after night feed (i.e. if they are still pooing at night)

Babies and toddlers over six months - change around every 3 hours during the day

Toddlers over 12 months - change around 4/5 times in 24-hours (depending on poos)

This is the same for disposables and reusables.


For a heavy-wetter in reusable nappies, you can occasionally add a booster to make your cloth nappy last longer (or until the next poo).

You may need to change the nappy more often if you have a heavy wetter.

When treating nappy rash

If your baby is experiencing a nappy rash, you will want to change nappies more often, at least until the redness/inflammation clears. You can find tips on nappy rash prevention and treatment here.


A booster insert will be required once your child is sleeping through the night in cloth nappies.

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