First-time mum: using reusable nappies with a newborn.

first time mum using nappies with a newborn

Why did you choose to use reusable nappies? 

I wanted to practice what I preached and prove there was an easy alternative to disposable nappies! I couldn't live with the guilt of all those disposables going into landfill. Especially when there's such a simple solution. 


What are the main benefits of reusable nappies, for you?

Not having to think about buying more nappies all the time. 


Are they ok to use with a newborn?

Yes! Newborn poos and wees are usually quite small. So we didn't have a problem at all. But they do a lot of them!

Just make sure you have enough reusable nappies to keep you going.

Even if, like us, you use the occasional disposable while you wait for the washing cycle, it's still an incredible help to the environment!


Will you keep using them as she grows?

Yes that's the plan. I want to get my money's worth and make them last as long as I can! 


Are they easy to put on?

Yep. Easy to adjust to the size of your baby. 


Was your husband on-board?

Not really at first. He took some convincing - couldn't get his head around the poo! 

But once we got going he actually became more into it than I was. Mainly because of how lovely and soft they were for her, and who's baby doesn't deserve the softest nappy?!  


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Do you ever use disposable nappies?

Yes, admittedly we do use disposables here and there. Mainly as we don't yet have a big enough stash of reusable nappies so when they're all in the wash, we'd be stuck. It's not a cheap outlay to buy a huge stash all at once.

Don't beat yourself up if you just start with a couple! Even using one cloth nappy with your baby will stop disposables going to landfill. 

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What do you do when you're on-the-go?

Take a 'wet bag' with us and put the used reusable nappies in there, so as not to dirty up the rest of the bag. 


Did your electricity bills go up with the extra washing?

We haven't noticed a difference.

When it's summer we'll be able to stop using the tumble drier so much. I was surprised how quickly they do air-dry actually!


What do you like about Peachi Baby reusable nappies?

The gorgeous patterns are, in my humble opinion, superior to any others on the market... By miles!

The cute patterns were one reason I wanted to try reusable nappies in the first place, and I was quite fussy with which I liked enough to buy. I found lots of other patterns out there to be too bright and childish.

But Peachi Baby finally offers designs that actually appeal to adults and are cute AND cool. 

We are the ones that have to look at them, after all ;) 

The lining is also softer to the touch than other brands!


What would you say to someone thinking about starting out with reusable nappies?

Just try one and go from there?

It's a MINE FIELD trying to decipher all the different types, brands and confusing terminology. I got myself into a tizz trying to make sense of it all. But just dive in and try one.

They're not complicated or anything to be scared of - you really can't go wrong.

After all, they're just nappies! 

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