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Raincoat Reusable Nappy Set

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Raincoat Birth-to-Potty Reusable Nappy

A high-quality, birth-to-potty cloth nappy that comes with two thirsty bamboo inserts. 'One-size-fits-most' - Our reusable nappies are resizable. Buy once & your baby will be covered from newborn to potty-training age with a cost-per-wear of just 4p (compared with disposables at ~12p)

Compact design - fits like underpants

1 Peachi Baby Nappy saves 456 nappies from landfill

Vegan & free from 'nasties' - STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified

Complimentary fit advice from our friendly UK team

'Raincoat' is the perfect reusable nappy for rainy days & beyond! Hand-designed by Kat



    1 x Nappy Shell with adjustable 'birth-to-potty' snap system & pocket

    1 x Anchor Insert - Goes in the pocket folded or you can lay it on top

    1 x Small Insert with Snaps - Lays on top & snaps to the Nappy Shell.

    Suitable for daytime use with 2-4 hours between changes. Nighttime use requires adding a booster insert (available separately).

    One-Size-Fits-Most Birth-to-Potty nappies suitable for 8lbs newborns through to toddler/potty-training age (33lbs to 37lbs) depending on individual body shape.

    True 'from birth' fit - See our customer reviews! Using the 'newborn hack', Peachi Baby nappies can be sized to fit some newborns under 8lbs. Not all nappy brands have the special popper placement required for this hack. Our cloth nappies sit on the hips so won't catch on a newborn's umbilical cord stump.

    Compact 'like pants' design that fits perfectly under most clothes. Our reusable nappies appear smaller than other cloth nappy brands because of their unique 'like pants' fit. Despite their appearance, they fit most little ones through to potty-training age. Occasionally some bigger babies will have a stage generally between the 5-10 month mark when it may 'look' like they'll grow out of the nappies before potty training (particularly if they have larger thighs). But rest assured that as they start moving around more, they'll get leaner and moving down to a smaller setting at this stage is very common.

    165 g

    As sold: 15 cm x 16 cm x 3 cm

    Inserts: 3 absorbent layers of custom-milled bamboo-cotton. The top layer is a stain-resistant & moisture-wicking polyester fleece.

    Nappy Shell: Polyester PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). CPSIA compliant snaps, made from polyacetal resin. No scratchy velcro!

    All Peachi Baby fabrics are free from ‘nasties’ & are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

    5 Wears = £4 , 10 Wears = £2, 100 Wears = 20p, 456 Wears (every other day for 2.5 years) = 4p
    Compare this to the unit price of disposables at ~12p.

    Based on a calculation of 1 Peachi Baby nappy being reworn every other day, with 1 day break for washing & drying, for a period of 2.5 years (birth to average potty training age). 1 Peachi Baby nappy could spare 456 single-use nappies from landfill.

    Short cycle with half dose of detergent. Main wash at 40°C (or 60°C if washing inserts only) with full dose of detergent. Tumble dry (inserts only) or line dry. Our thirsty bamboo inserts become more absorbent wash-after-wash. See full washing instructions

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