Fitting Guide

How to fit your Peachi Baby reusable nappies:


3 x 3 snaps on the front of the reusable nappy:

Take the middle or bottom row of 3 and snap up to the top row of 3. Using the bottom row achieves the smallest fit. Using none of the snaps achieves the largest fit.

Snaps Guide (Video)


Small Insert lays on top of the shell and secures with snaps. 

Anchor Insert lays on top or goes into the pocket. The larger, anchor-shaped end goes at the back.

Inserts Guide (Video)

Putting a reusable nappy on:

Put it on like a normal nappy except with snaps on waistband. If in doubt, go for a fit that is slightly on the snug side, but not so much that it is leaving marks. Elastic goes in the leg crease (just like underwear).


Pics to follow soon.


Check out our Instagram for demonstrations or slide in our DM's to request one! @peachibaby_