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Fitting Guide

How To Fit Your Reusable Nappies


Get the perfect fit with this helpful cloth nappy fitting guide.
The key to a leak-free future for your little one is by learning how to get a great fit with your Peachi Baby nappies.
We'll teach you how to fit reusable nappies correctly with our easy tips and how-to videos.


Re-Sizing The Nappy

The 3x3 formation of 'snaps' or 'poppers' on the front of the nappy is often referred to as the 'rise setting'.
Before you put the nappy on your baby, you will need to adjust the rise-setting.

Smallest Setting (Newborn to 7-10kg/15-22lb*)

Take the bottom row of 3 and snap up to the top row of 3.

Middle Setting (7-10kg/15-22lb to 13-15kg/28-33lb*)

Take the middle row of 3 and snap up to the top row of 3.

Largest Setting (13-15kg/28-33lb to 16.5kg/37lb*)

Leave all of the rise snaps undone.
*Weight bands are approximated and depend on individual infant body shape.
Snaps Guide (Video)



Placing The Inserts


Inserts are the absorbent part of the nappy, and Peachi Baby nappies each come with two as standard. An Anchor Insert and a Small Insert With Snaps.
There are many different ways you can place the inserts inside the nappy, but this is the most common way:

Fold the Anchor Insert in two and stuff it inside the pocket with the larger end at the back (on the bottom).

Lay the Small Insert with Snaps on top of the shell and secure it in place using the snaps. 

Inserts Guide (Video)



Putting A Reusable Nappy On

Cloth nappies go on like a normal nappy except with snaps on the waistband.
If in doubt, go for a fit that is slightly on the snug side, but not so much that it is leaving marks.
Elastic goes in the leg crease (just like underpants), and it is important to get a tight seal to avoid leakage at the legs.
Peachi Baby nappies are low-rise (again, just like underpants) and will sit just above the bottom crack.
On newborns, though, they will sit higher up.
A little gaping at the front is ok and allows for movement when your baby is sat up.

How To Put A Reusable Nappy On (Video)

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Free Fitting Advice


We want you to have a happy, leak-free experience with your lovely new cloth nappies!
If you need help, we have a free fitting advice service!
Just send us clear front and back photos of the nappy on (taken from above, with your baby on their back and front) to 
We will get back to you with any necessary tips and tweaks to improve your fit.
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